Tue 11 Jun 2013 01:48
Saturday 8th June 2013, 20.00 local time
Position 11:18.06N 60:39.15W, Parlatuvier Bay
Last night my remaining bank card was 'locked out', but with the usual mega-expensive mobile phone call, to the UK, and then rerouted to an Indian call centre, I was able to extricate my precious piece of plastic from the grip of the cyberpolice, and it is now working again. In the interim I dined well at Sharon and Phoebe's little hotel/restaurant, shrimps with rice, lentils, salad, and some fresh veg, typical West Indian fare, 'Carib' beer excellent! Great views of the bay and no mossies. All paid for with US dollars: I have a little hoard for just such situations. Next morning, flush with Trinidadian dollars from the ATM, I was soon in possession, just, of a large lobster from the fishing Co-op. I had to hold him with his big front 'feelers', these lobsters don't have claws, and he was not so pleased about this. Lovely walks by the way: to Pirates bay, and to Fort Camblelton.
Off at lunchtime, bound for Parlatuvier Bay. Small and very pretty, but the bay itself was so full of fishing boats that it was necessary to drop anchor way out, in a very uncomfortable swell. Ashore a nice evening walk to the local waterfalls, but I did not linger: the evening mosquitos were on the rampage. Up the steep cliff road, and Glasgow's bar was perched on the cliff top, by the roadside, on the outside of a hairpin bend. Evening Carib at sunset, excellent.
Back on board a gastronomic feast, lobster in cream sauce with garlic, dill and basil, all shaken and stired by the swell. Poor Hannah was concerned about the boiling water, but I have to say that death seemed instantaneous, not a bad way to go, especially as the poor old lobster is taken by complete surprise.