3rd Dec 2006, end of week one.

Sun 3 Dec 2006 13:10
Noon position: 20.25N, 25.58W. 24 hour run:151NM.
Course about 250 to 260 degrees so hoping for 20 N, 28W sometime tomorrow.
Pretty good progress we feel, aiming to keep if possible in the zone of winds of 15 to 25 knots but don't know how realistic that will prove to be.  The clear skies have given way to hazy sunshine with more fair-weather cumulus, which I presume is typical of trade-wind weather.  Some of the others have had squalls forecast but we've been lucky this far.
Everything on the boat working well, we seem to get enough electrons from our towed generator to be able to run the 'fridge and the fresh watermaker so we have cold drinks and then enough water for a daily shower.
Seen some wildlife now, had 6 flying fish on deck this morning which we discarded.  Seem to be under the flight path of migrating birds, some terns which are heading generally south, and then some smaler, largely white coloured birds, which fly in small flocks in the opposite direction.
Geoff and Richard
PS thanks Conny for email received 30-11-06, reminders always welcome whether necessary or not!