Tradewind days

Thu 1 May 2008 20:31
I was going to call this piece 'Mayday', then quickly thought better of using the International Maritime Distress Call at the top of a maritime message, pricked also perhaps by Conny's current inability to address her emails appropriately!!
Birthday greetings to my sister Liz on the third. Did try to send a personal message, but the email postman wrote upon it return to sender, Long Live the King, so either it is changed it or I have got it wrong. Steve, can you make sure she gets the message?
My GPS reports that there are now only 999 miles to landfall, just over two thirds distance gone, but with strong trade winds now we could be at anchor, albeit a rolly one in six or seven days time. Should be time to see the Southern Marquesas before meeting Vicky on the 20th on Nuku Hiva.
The days here go by very quickly, the time is easily filled although some of my 'recreations' eg keyboard and painting are very difficult/ impossible, and as each day gets windier and the seas rougher so I constantly have to adjust what I can do, and how long it will take. I revarnished the companionway entrance a few days ago, difficult then, but a dreadful prospect now.
Very little attention to sailing the ship is required. The twin headsails are always filled, and don't rub or slat at all. New system for stowing the staysaill tested and seems ok in 20kts of wind. Mainsail under its cover away from the UV rays, and the boom tied down out to starboard, with no ropes in the cockpit. Even my new sun awnings still working very well.
Did lose a small fish on the line a couple of days ago, but this apart very little sign of marine life, and no sign at all of human life. Generally hot and blue everywhere about now, noon; usually some interesting colours and cooler in the cockpit at dusk. Less moon now so the sky is generally darker, and strange stars light up the Southern Sky at night. The Planet may be shrinking in political/economic terms, but down here it's still a big and impressive place.