Tue 6 May 2008 21:44
Date Tuesday 6th May
Noon Position 09:56S 132:30W
Feel a bit like Kevin Costner in that aweful movie: will I ever find this rumoured land, or will I be cast upon the sea for ever? I did wonder if like him, I was developing gills, but just a rash I think from my new shaving technique. Lucky old Kevin found himself a bit of female company, plenty to look at when she breathed in too, but of course I'm a happily married man, and anyway I havn't come across any mid-ocean floating villages with bars and barmaids.
Three hundred and sixty miles to go, always assuming that we are headed in the right direction! There had been little change in the weather for sometime now but today the winds have gone light: about 12 kts. Two consequences: first bad rolling until the seas die down to match the wind drop, second, if they stay light I shall arrive in the middle of the night in three and a half days time. Not an option with no navigation lights in the anchorages, therefore will have to slow down in a day or two in order to arrive in daylight. With twelve hours day and twelve hours night there should be a 50% chance of arriving in daylight everytime, but just like the traffic lights on everyone's way to work (correction: your way to work!!) I get darkness and the lights show red. 
Still no signs of life out there on the horizon, but more seabirds in the last 24 hours: they squalk at us as they fly by, to start with I thought that there was some new problem: a rope caught in a seized winch or something, you dont think to look up, and anyway up is covered in sun-awnings for shade.
Down below it is just a little cooler than for some months, and I no longer have to use my fans all the time. A lovely smell just now of yeast, so it is time for me to sign off and pop the bread in the oven, and then get the fishing line out even though I've not had a bite in days!
Half of me wants to arrive somewhere new, the other half is very comfortable in his little hermit crab shell. Plenty of news comes in from the home front to remind me that this not of course an option, and the first of the summer wine arrives here on May 20th (Vicky).
Regards to one and all