Store Bay

Tue 11 Jun 2013 01:48
Sunday, 9th June
Position:  11:09.5N 60:50.5W  Store Bay
Woke very early with the uncomfortable swell, and was pleased to be off at 06.00 hours. Much calmer at sea, with a good breeze off the back of the boat, and by lunchtime we were anchored in Store Bay, in the west of Tobago. This is a much flatter area, no more rainforests and mountains, but still pretty enough, despite the tourism that is now evident, and the drone of planes from the airport. I had to report to Customs in Scarborough, the Island's Capital, on the south coast, about ten miles distant. You hail a 'route taxi': an ordinary saloon car, which you share with the driver and four passengers. I was always in the middle of the back seat, but only £1 for the trip, so no complaints. The speed limit on the road to Scarborough was 55 KPH. My first driver was doing 125 KPH, one hand on the steering wheel, whilst counting his earnings with the other hand and his teeth. Seatbelts? What seatbelts?
Scarborough on a Sunday afternoon was closed down and not a lot of fun, nice gardens however at Fort King George. Back in Store Bay, and I left my new sunhat in the route taxi. By a stroke of extreme good fortune, the driver did a second lap of the strip looking for new customers, and I spotted him, and lay down in the road in front of him, and all was well with the world again. Evening splash out at La Cantina: the most perfect pizza. I chose 'Tobago': shrimps and pineapple with tomato, oregano and cheese on a thin crust base, all in a wood fired oven. Why, at home, do we put up with Pizza Hut and the rest?  I'm really enjoying this little 'mini cruise', Tobago an excellent destination. It is off the beaten track, and it is good to be out of season as well.