Yellow brick bumpy road

Mon 3 Jun 2013 16:22
Monday 3rd June 2013
Position 8:41.3N 53:12.9W
Yipee! Finally out of jail and on my way. Yesterdays horizon hugging black cloud was obviously the edge of the ITCZ. As we crept closer during the afternoon a rainbow appeared, and we sailed straight through it into a steady 15 kts of NE breeze. Yes, it was wet too, but who cares! Now back in typical trade wind conditions, quite big seas, humid, and a thin cloud covering making the horizon difficult to scan, but overhead plenty of photons to hit the solar panel. It is uncomfortable because the seas and wind are almost on the beam: the boat is heeled over but still rolls, and the cockpit is frequently soaked with waves that slap up from the windward side of the hull. We have also lost the lovely following current that sped us up the Brazilian coast, but at last we are going where we want to go at a reasonable speed, and the end is now in sight, at least on the chart plotter.
Fresh bread again today, and though it hasn't risen quite so much as usual, it still smells delicious.
I'm reading about the second world war, Antony Beevor. It's a big topic, and lots already that I never really grasped. Both Beevor and Niall Ferguson (the British Empire) round on Joseph Chamberlain for being a former Lord Mayor of Birmingham: what is it with these intellectuals and Birmingham? My home city for half a century, and proud of it! But goodness knows there have been some very dark times in the last 200 years, can it possibly be at an end?