Crossing the line

Fri 21 Mar 2008 18:03
Friday 21st March
Noon position: 00:39N 86:56W
Yes, the Equator looms. It is a nasty tradition to dress up and bully/humiliate the ships crew as you cross the line. A rather typical aspect of the behaviour of male only groups around the world. Gladly I will have nothing to do with this, but may bake Neptune some muffins this afternoon, and perhaps give him a drink as well. No alcohol on passage: it is worse than being on call, you really don't want to lose your concentration, and you never know when something will happen. It's different as soon as the anchor has dug in of course!!
Quite brilliant magic moment at 22.30 last night: sailing in a gentle breeze, Regina Spector on the Ipod (Excellent choices, Charlotte makes), Full moon and clear sky. Sitting in the stern, watching the world go by, and am joined by a dozen or more dolphins. Like the moon they are silver as they twist and turndown after breathing. They play around for twenty minutes before heading northwest.
02.30 a bit different: wind changed and spent half an hour retrieving the spinnaker pole, and resetting everything!! the rough with the smooth.
Weather nothing like the weather forcasts, and making fast progress now that we are presumably south of the ITCZ. The grib files show no wind at all! Will have so stop/slow down tomorrow, so that I can make a safe daylight landfall in Wreck Bay,San Cristobal, on the 23rd March