Fri 18 Apr 2008 19:20
Date Friday 18th April
Noon position 05:17S 95:32W
Two fast days sailing now in what seem like typical trade winds: SE wind about 15 - 20 kts, plenty of cumulus about, plenty of swell and cross seas. Having to get used to the violent motion all over again (Geoff will remember it only too well!).
Some deck leaks have shown up in the heavy wet seas (chainplates) so Victoria needs to locate a cartridge of brown sikaflex, black/white will look aweful. A bit of research needed on the web, or maybe Northshore.
Otherwise boat and crew fine, loads of electricity from my solar panel and towed prop generator, who needs nuclear!
Not much German or music pracitice just now, just stugeron and quiet contemplation
Keep you posted