Thu 26 Jun 2014 15:18
Thursday, 26th June (I think that I thought yesterday was also the 26th June, elderly persons thing...)
Position 37:41N 39:12W
So doghole, I looked it up on my Kindle dictionary: 'not in dictionary'. So I checked in my Australian dictionary, where there is a lot of Strine slang terminology, but a blank again. So I claim a new word. Not very nice? It' not! It is when a very sudden wind hole appears during the dogwatch, and during a period of strong winds and those red arrow waves that I have mentioned to you before. Never before in all my eight years at sea have we been thrown about quite so much in such a short space of time. I had to go forward to dismantle the 'running' rig, and with my headlight and the deck floodlight it was an wierd sight and experience; no wind blasting through the air, but water throwing up all around the boat, like a giant vomit! Rain coming down as well. After 30 mins or so a light breeze came in from the north, and I rerigged appropriately, however ir has continued to shift and drop, and at 06,30 I gave up on sailing and switched the engine on. Good decision. Now midday and completely windless, and the seas are at last settling down a bit too. It will be a shame if we see no more wind until the Azores, but it is possible. The other good thing about the engine is that it creates a warm spot in the quarter berth area for the bread dough to rise, and as I type a wonderful aroma assails me from behind, a pleasant change from the more usual f----. You see, dogholes again.