Mon 8 Apr 2013 11:55
Date Monday April 8th, noon
Position 16:03.9S 4:50.57W
There are 50 miles to the anchorage on St Helena, but not enough daylight hours to get there today, and I will probably stand off tonight, rather than risk problems in the dark: it was pitch black last night again. I am plodding along in 7kts of breeze: which is more than we have had since this time yesterday, and I can get the headsails filled without too much flap, which is good for them, and comfortable for me.
At 07.00 this morning we passed 4:38.25W which is the longditude of Albert Quay, where this voyage commenced in 2006. So am I a circumnavigator?  Conventially the term is used when you get back to where you started, and indeed that is the plan, but hey, one step at a time!  At sea Fleck is a 'dry' boat, so with my morning cuppa I reflected upon my departure all those years ago, trying not to allow more recent events to colour/cloud those moments. These private thoughts are beyond the remit of this blog, but I do recall how chaotic the final loading of the boat had been, and that I set off down channel, in thick fog, with the cabin knee deep in 'essential' gear, most of which turned out to be worthless, and some of which cluttered the cabin sole for months. It was not until we got to Portugal that I stopped looking for the sewing machine! The inadvertent decision to leave it at home has been a mixed blessing. Frankley there would never have been room for it on this small boat, and you need a tough piece of kit for sail and canvas work. My trips home may have seemed to the casual observer to have represented no more than opportunities to clutter the living room there with canvas work in various states of repair and construction, but in this way I have kept up with the unforseeable demand for awnings that all long distance sailors encounter.
I have finished Rebus and A C Grayling. The murders are solved, but of course Big Ger the arch gangster gets off to fight another story. Graylings little book 'What is Good? The search for the best way to live', I thoroughly recommend. Rebus, especially, should dip into it, though Big Ger may be irredeemable!! I have started on one of my Christmas Books: Diamonds, Gold and War : a history of South Africa around the Boer Wars. No inscription on the front cover, but I hope that I am right in thanking Charlie for this.