Sat 1 Jun 2013 16:12
Saturday, 1st June 2013
Position 6:27.4N 50:40.6W
Well, I finally cracked at 15.30 yesterday afternoon, and flipped my 'get out of jail' switch: the engine starter button. We recorded 100 miles overnight, through complete calms, one squall, and past two AIS tadpoles. Mid-morning a little wind came in from the NE, and this has been with us now for three hours, so the engine is off, and the sails set once more. But I doubt that we are free of the doldrums yet, the sky is still leaden, with squally areas on the horizon. Only time will tell. One consequence of my new position is that The French Islands are now off the agenda, I will tough it out here in deep water come what may, and aim for Trinidad and Tobago. If the sea would settle a bit I would dip the fuel tank, to see if we have another 24 hours of engine time up our sleeve! I wonder how much diesel fuel costs these days in the Caribbean: a lot more than it did in 2006, that's for sure!
Thanks to Vicky who provided the weather info that spurred me to set off north west in search of more wind, and for her news, and thanks also to Hannah for her somewhat prosaic but valued info and news from Berlin.