Majic Monjes Del Sur

Tue 16 Oct 2007 00:44
Thanks to all for your mails, not sure if Charlie can/does look at the blogsite, maybe V or C can let her know the adress.
Have had a wonderful two days, and off tomorrow to Colombia. Monjes Del Sur really is a tiny crop of two small rocks. The Venezuelans blasted the small rock, and with the pieces filled in the gap between the islands to create a harbour on the leeward side. On the bigger rock is a lighthouse, a coastguard station, and a small garrison. To get here we had a reallly good downwind sail, when no wind was forecast. I caught a 5lbs yellow fin Tuna just as we arrived, (another success for the Russells Hall flying fish) and by the time it had been subdued and cut into fillets I was downwind and had to beat back up. The harbour is too deep to anchor, and there is a very odd mooring arrangement which was difficult single handed, but all well in the end, and Venezuelans very welcoming and friendly. Seems the harbour is not for yachts or fishermen, the
island is strategically important to them, as it is nearly in Colombia. To avoid a Falklands take over they have to maintain a presence. Rested today, went for a wonderful snorkel: really the clearest water in the Caribbean so far, and hundreds of baraccudas.
Also given permission to explore the rock, which didn't take too long, but some good photo opportunities. The tuna was wonderful, having the rest in Colombia tomorrow night. Early start, and strong but favourable winds by the looks of things