Still here man

Mon 1 Oct 2007 02:12
Hi everyone,
Still here, on dry land, enjoying the filthy air pollution from the refinery, and the unswimable water in Piscareda Bay, Curacao.
Turns out that the refinery was originally built and owned by Shell. According to the locals Shell up and left when the whole plant became uneconomic, and left the place deserted. It would have cost the Island a fortune to dismantle the Plant (it really is massive) so they rented it to a Venesualian Company. They don't maintain the plant properly, but the Island can't seem to get rid of them either. Only the developed world can afford to worry about pollution, but you should see what it has done to the stainless steel fittings on my mast, and I have been breathing this stuff for two weeks now.
My ship is almost ready for the sea, and I hope to launch on tuesday. Plan to sail to Aruba next Monday with Dutch friends. Just need to put the engine back together, get some gas fittings for propane and get some new batteries: it's all going to happen any day now, or so they keep promising!!
Tonight we dinghied down to the bay entrance and swam off the Hilton hotel's private beach. This is what Caribbean Hols are about. A big hill diverts the pollution to our marina, so no smells at all on the coast (the  trade winds allways blow in the same direction) so the flown in holidaymakers are quite oblivious to the Islands problems. The swim was lovely, the water is really warm: even warmer than in the Windward and Leeward Islands. There is a small hurricane out there somewhere, but we are not expecting it here.
Hope to have news of some progress by next week,
Love, best wishes, yours sincerley etc