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Sun 21 Jan 2007 16:51
Noon Position: Admiralty Bay, Bequia. this is one of the Islands in the Grenadines. As there is not much need for other than eyeball navigation, I havn't turned on the GPS for ages. I do have maps of the area, from which I can calculate a compass course from one Island to the next. Easier though to let some other boats get going first, and follow them: so far no lemming type disasters from this policy. Sailing in the mornings is best, swimming in the afternoons. Soon however it will become more complicated as I am now moving up the chain towards the British Virgin Islands. Each Island from now on is an Independant Nation, with its own customs and imigration formalities: a significant and rather tedious intrusion into my valuable time!
Outstanding thing so far: Tobago Cays: have a look on Google earth, then imagine swimming there, over the reefs, all manner of reef fish and turtles, big tame lizardy things (no, they wern't matrons) on the uninhabited islands.
Am planning to lay up Fleck in Curacao, a Dutch Island off the Venezualan coast: should be safe from hurricanes, and low humidity compared with for example Panama. Also well developed infrastructure, and good security. Indeed have booked a KLM flight for mid March. I need to be home for a well deserved skiing holiday!!
I'm in Bequia to pick up some fresh water, and to 'clear out' tomorrow when Customs opens again. Good internet cafes, hence this brief letter, just in case anyone logs on wondering whats happening, and to confirm that nothing is!!