Squeezing time

Sat 28 Jun 2014 13:55
Saturday, 28th June, 2014
Position 38:46.7N 35:34.3W
I don't ever get to see them, but those little flags on the Mailasail webdiary map should be getting close to Flores by now. We've been sailing again for 30 hours now, just managing at times to creep along and keep the sails filled and quiet, and at other times making comfortable headway. If we have to motor from here, then there is plenty of fuel. Odd last night, I was gybing the rig, kneeling in the bow, and I was sure that I could hear a diesel engine thumping along. But no lights anywhere, nothing on the AIS, a mystery. Perhaps a trawler, thinking as I often do, what is the point of setting lights in this wilderness? But I do, and I hope that he might have seen mine! Perhaps after all it was just an odd vibration from the rig: you get them at different windspeeds; and have I told you about the voices that I hear.....
Discovered in my almanac that the Azores are on their own summer time, and just an hour different from BST. So yesterday I moved the ships clock forwards two hours in anticipation of my arrival: this has resulted in a slightly odd feeling as I juggle how hungry I feel and how tired I feel with what the clock says. Moreover, I've only got to advance the clock by one more hour now to be back where I started, 8 years ago. Now, each time I move the clock forward one hour, say from 6pm to 7pm, that's a happy hour that I've missed out on. So have I now experienced 24hrs less that those of you at home? At least they won't have all been happy hours! I seem to remember that in 'Round the World in 80 days' the crew found themselve an extra day at the end, I guess they chose to go the other way.
The 'Oakies' have reached California, and are being hounded from place to place by the Capitalists and their sheriffs. I think Steinbeck gets a little polarised in his views, but as a landowner myself, I would say that, wouldn't I Mandy. Anyway it continues to be powerful absorbing stuff, and so relevant to today's Europe: even more compulsory reading for our children, or maybe cut down a bit on Jane Austin?