Back on the edge of the Ocean

Sat 12 May 2012 08:32
Saturday, May 12th 2012
Position    06:44S 105:15E,  Anchored in the lee of P. Peucang, again!
Overnight through the Sunda Strait interresting as before. This time managed to carry a favourable tide/current for the entire trip: 15.5 hours. So tired at about 3am that it was all I could do to set the kitchen timer, but managed it, and no scrapes/even near misses. Much rougher trip than last time with a steep chop in the narrow, first part of the Strait, where there is most current, and also most shoreside activity. I was alittle surprised to find my way obstructed by a blazing cargo vessel, I thought that I must be dreaming, but pinched myself, and it was still there: and indeed, as I got closer two firefighting ships in attendance confirmed the unusual scene. There were other big ships anchored quite close by, but no sign of panic or excitement: as though these things catch fire every day. I believe that the real blaze must have taken place earlier, and that they were just guarding the dying embers. I wonder if it has sunk? The night stayed clear, despite some earlier thunder activity, and now I am down here in the trade wind airstream, I am keeping my fingers crossed that we have seen the last severe thunderstorms for a little while.
After all the shipping, lights and tide races in the narrows, the second half of the trip was more straightforward, and dawn found us quite close to Krakatoa, dormant at present, and not a patch on Vesuvius, a recent holiday destination. This anchorage is really next to the open Ocean, and we are off tomorrow morning. The water is blue and clear, and I can see the anchor well dug in. Although the chain is noisy boucing over small rocks I can live with that for a night, and is nice to think that I won't have to spend 20 mins tomorrow morning sponging Indonesian mud off the anchor! It does not smell like the awfull stuff in Cartagena, but it sure is sticky.
So, we are wishing ourselves a bon voyage to Cocos Keeling!