Aruba Port Rot

Sat 13 Oct 2007 03:24
Well, enough of this holiday making: we are off on Sunday, first thing, even though calms are forecast. Today has been very humid with one downpour which blocked the town's drains and has put sewage onto the streets and into the harbour!
We have a routine which includes the use of the various hotel facilities at various times of the day. The best showers that we can acces are on the Island where we go swimming: therefore we swim and then retire to the restrooms for our wash of the day!
Still doing some jobs about the boat: there is a leak in the loo, and I'm threading a new set of wires to my watermaker at a speed of about one metre a day: the wires run behind cupboards, headlinings and goodness knows what. During todays threading sesion I came across a small leak from the side deck down to the back of the galley: A through bolt hadn't been properly fixed with sealant during manufacture: so that took an hour as well.
Douwe, a nonfisherman, came over this evening boasting of fresh caught baraccuda: cadged it turns out from one of the 'sportfishing boats' that cater for the tourists. Be that as it may he and Maaike were kind enough to share it with me, and it was delicious. We are going to eat ashore at the local harbourside bistro tomorrow, as we have been using their wi fi for free all week, and feel a little guilty.
When we leave we are heading for a little Venezuelan rock called Monjes Del Sur, about 55 miles away. I can't see it on Google earth! It is manned by Coastguards and Soldiers. It is reported that they are friendly, and allow you to anchor in a small bay for a night or two. Then we head for the Colombian Coast
Best wishes to all