More half full than half empty!

Thu 29 Nov 2012 10:31
Thursday, 29th November 2012 12.00 hrs ships time, 10.00 GMT
Position 33:05S 28:32E Off East London.
A rather tiring 24 hours with strong winds and waves in the night, leaving little stomach for supper! Hairy on deck doing the pole changes, the staysail arrangement makes this very complicated. Never mind, as this morning has been bright and relatively calm; we have caught up on our sleep a bit, and Prince Geoff the Navigator is in the cockpit with his sextant! I will stick to our GPS which shows us in a fair current of about three knots, pushing us towards East London. Main decision is whether to carry on to Port Elizabeth, 175 miles away, before stopping: if our next weather forecast looks ok, we will go for it. Not much news on board: it is a case of toughing it out, and reading etc is all rather an effort. The basics, eating, driving the boat, avoiding other ships and sleeping is what we do! Badly miss our wonderful suppers at Cafe Fish in Durban, but it was our choice to come out here, and on balance we made a good call to leave Durban when we did.
Vicky is providing superb weather info, which we much appreciate. I am sure that Ellen McArthur's shore team were no where near as good!
Best wishes to all families and friends,
Richard and Geoff.