Dark and Cloudy

Mon 19 May 2014 20:24
Sunday 18th May 2014, quite late
Dark and Cloudy
Also a rum cocktail: 1/3 rum, 1/3 root ginger beer, 1/3 ice.
Beats Crabbies!
I had two.
I had to scale Shirley's Heights for these -
The cliff top Sunday night jump up, Antiguan National Treasure.
Tourists trapped, families, groups, couples young and old, all bused and taxied,
and me, I walk up from Freeman Bay.
Cloudy evening too, no sunset green flash, but the views: I pad, I phone, I've got a digital SLR, my old Sony, we all got the shot.
Cool with my first Dark and Cloudy
Pitched on rickety steps, nursing drink, soaking up the steel band.
Finished drink, jumped up, fell over.
Cue then for food, authentic Island BBQ,
Fishburger with cheese -
Second dark and cloudy.
Reggae Band the main attraction
Amazing Grace Jones lookalike -
Hot pants, boobs and platform boots,
sings Bob Marley.
'No Woman, No Man'
'Do ya know what I mean?'
I think so, but I don't put my hand up.
Pitch dark now, I stumble back down the path. Fall twice, cut knee.
But dinghy still padlocked to dinghy dock, 'Fleck' still anchored in the Bay.
Like the Jack Nicholson / Helen Hunt movie, this seems to be about as good as it gets!