Back in solitary!

Sun 2 Jun 2013 16:56
Sunday, 2nd June 2013
Position 7:48N 51:48W
Well, of course yesterday's wind died as soon as my blog had gone out, so whatever change in my position you may be able to discern has been entirely due to an overnight session with the engine. My parole did not last long! This morning I have topped up our main fuel tank with the last of my reserve 'jerry jugs' (as the Americans call the various plastic diesel fuel containers that we keep for situations like this) and I can do some more motoring now. The difficulty is to know where to go. According to the yesterday's forcast I should be enjoying 15 kts of wind right now, but we have 4.5 showing on the dial, and we are drifting at less than 1 kt through the water. The weather is a bit brighter though: a squally looking cloud to the north has not moved much since dawn, and I have sunshine and a scattering of high cloud. Nothing seems to suggest that the weather is going to do anything much any time soon. Anyway I'll get another forecast now, and will no doubt put the engine back on when the flapping and rolling threatens my long term sanity yet again. Heading north east seems most likely to get me more wind eventually, as that is where the ITCZ edge should be closest, and it is close to the heading that I need for the Caribbean.
If this topic seems a bit tedious, and if I seem self absorbed by it, then the tone of this diary entry has hit the spot exactly! I do hope that others, who have crossed the zone ahead of me, and to the east, have done so with more success, and that they are now well on their way to their chosen destination; the Azores, or the Cape Verde's. And I think of my progeny back home: the pregnant one, the skipper, the 'you are only young in London once' one, and the poor schoolchild, now come to the end of her half term holiday. The very best to you all!