Mast still upright

Fri 29 Mar 2013 11:02
Date         Friday, 29th March
Position    25:25S 9:35E
Anticipated new wind came through yesterday evening, so pleased to be on the move again, and a good compromise between speed and comfort with 17 kts from astern, would prefer a bit more east in the wind, to help me in the direction of St Helena, but this should arrive when the Trade winds proper start up. Small twin headsails seem to offer the gentle solution so far as the rig is concerned, mainsail and beam seas not so comfortable for the mast, or the crew!
Amazed to hear from 2 living persons who read this blog, and who are in Walvis Bay, Namibia
Now worried about just what I have typed up these last 12 months:nothing outrageous, I hope. They offer to bring a new spreader out with them to St Helena, but seems a bit of a gamble and I will see if the Logistics folk at Allspars, who are marvellous, can come up with some other options: maybe straight to Ascension Island?
Not too much more to report, but for sure, no news is good news in this situation.