A game of two halves

Fri 8 Dec 2006 12:34
Noon position: 16.46N, 37.35W
24 hour run: 155 n.miles
Estimated position noon Sat 9th:
The news on this otherwise unremarkable day in paradise (rolling version) is that however you define it we are at the half way mark, probably a little more. Excellent days run yesterday (the result of all our sail changes the previous day perhaps!?), and have set a little more sail this morning to enable the ropes to be moved around a bit to reduce the wear (chafe). We are sailing at pretty much our maximum hull speed, and extra sail area just makes us surf down the waves a bit faster, but also puts much more stress on the rig: Although the other boats seem a little faster, we are content, and will get there in one piece, I hope! The other  Vancouver in the event is more than a day in front of us, but he did use his engine for 12 hours at one stage, and he has a special downwind sail called a twizzler, whereas we have just our 'woking'sails. We have excuses for poor performance: it's our NHS background!
To celebrate we are having gin today, and Chicken Tikka Masalla (tin from Bristol, Thanks Vicky) for supper. We also have a jar of goose liver pate, but will keep this as a treat tomorrow, when home baked bread to go with it is due!. We still have a few apples and oranges, and several ripe and one still green tomato. Overall plenty of food, and the crew well rested, despite difficulty of sleeping as we roll from one side of the bunk to the other.
Yesterday afternoon saw a ship, possibly a warship, miles off on our port side. The first sighting for several days, and nothing since. We see lots of flying fish flying, but only one tiddler in the scuppers this morning.
It was good to get various news snippets from the outside world yesterday, and many congrats to Heather on her offer of a place at Southamton, I wonder if Olivia has heard anything? Conny says we are 213 position, which seems very generous to me, I can only identify two boats behind us, our no. is 245. I need to know which day Conny and Hannah are returning to the UK in January
Richard andGeoff.