Yelow Submarine (not). Wednesday, 6th Dec

Wed 6 Dec 2006 12:52
Noon position: 17.25N, 32.38W
24 hour run: 150 Nmiles
Estimated position, noon 7thDec: 17N, 35W
Hi everyone,
Not really a submarine at all, most of the time the cockpit is dry, and we can sit out in the warm air on our little cushions in relative comfort, so long as we brace ourselves fore and aft, side to side, and up and down. Not easy to do this, and then either relax read, or eat!
Food is now prepared on the basis that it can be eaten in the cockpit, out of a bowl, and with only one utensil. Anything more ambitious has resulted in disaster! Even so we eat well, and today is baking day. We use packet bread from El Cortes Ingles, so it's cheating really, but in these conditions anything goes. If it goes well we get enough bread for two days. On other days we heat part cooked loaves, which we have aquired from various sources. Vicky's chibbatta (I know I don't know how to spell that) from morrisons, was especially good. We have a hot meal in the evening, usually pasta with either cheese, salami or nuts added for protein, and a tin of veg. Pesto is out favourite: it's like ratatouee, another word that I have never been able to spell, and for which spell check has no suggestions!
Weatherwise its just a little windier and rougher today, but it seems like this each morning. I would like a quieter day to change over some of the ropes, as these fray very quickly in the constant motion. On the subject of fraying, our tempers are holding up very well, We are permitted to curse the boat, but only for unreasonable violent movement, and when cooking I have given myself permission to swear without mercy at any food container which jumps onto the floor upside down, especially if the contents are liquid!
We had our first casualties of the rolling last night when I saw milk running out of the precious wine cupboard (it's medicinal wine). The bases of two milk cartons had rubbed away. Had to ckeck everywhere else, but nothing obvious (it never is until it breaks!) We have enough milk fortunately, and if we run out there is always the medicinal wine!
Geoff adds: Thanks to Vicky  for the detils on "Compromise" - quite a story getting into trouble with a mad skipper and then being rescued by the biggest yacht of its type and a free ride to St Lucia.  Guess this could make a good tv drama doc but think the film version already exist starring Nicole Kidman etc!  I'm keeping an eye on the skipper and he's making sure I get my daily ration of beer.  Note to the Broadstairs contigent - hope this means a free meal at Rotary next year!
Note for Hannah: one of the boats ahead of us reported hitting a whale, and seeing several others. I wouldn't want to upset an animalas big as this, but at night you can see nothing ahead, and they say that the whale may have been having a snooze, like the crew, I expect! So, do whales go to sleep, if so where: on the surface, or deep down out of harms way?
Richard and Geoff