Fri 11 May 2012 10:32
Friday 11th May, 2012
Position    5:59S 106:10.16 Anchorage at Palau Panjang, at the top of the Sunda Strait.
Left Jakarta at dawn after a hectic three days clearing in and out, servicing the engine, fixing a few things, trying to sort out permission to land at Cocos Keeling, and having two of my three credit cards not just stopped, but cancelled altogether. Oh, and transfering 170 litres of diesel fuel in jerry cans into the tank. I am a wizz at syphoning now: watch your petrol tanks back home (and that is if you manage to get any fuel in them, I hear that there is a strike on?).
Jakarta not as wet as during my last visit, but still teeming with people, and an overwhelming experience once again: the contrast between rich and poor again very obvious. Had a better look aroung Kota, the old Dutch City, but really not much to write home about, so will stop right there!
Tonight it is the Sunda Strait, the tide starts to flow down at 9pm, for twelve hours, so you can't afford to miss it. Will try to keep my weather eye out, and will try to write again at the other end. Time for a wash and some supper at this peacful anchorage, and perhaps a strong cup of coffee before we go.