Sunday, 10th Dec 2006: Whistle down the wind, (please)!

Sun 10 Dec 2006 12:50
Noon position; 16.27N, 42.11W
24 hour distance run: 126 n miles
Estimated position tomorrow ?another 125 miles due west?
Hi everyone,
We have had much less wind these last 24 hours. Together with a forecast that the trades will break up for a while over the Central Atlantic, we have become just a little anxious about our ETA: we should never have thought about it!! Our reduced speed yesterday has put our ETA back to 8pm UTC on the 18th, but this calculation is based entirely on maintaining our average speed for the trip so far for the rest of the journey.
When we've seen all the forecasts for today we have to decide if we can escape to an area of more wind, or sit tight.
This apart the weather is glorious, but still not too hot that we can't sleep. We can't sleep because of the rock and roll, this comes from the ocean swell as much as the local wind, so we are still bouncing about.
Still no fish, but have been trying, and have lost two complete lines. I am on my last one now so being careful. Geoff saw a fish, about half a metre long, by the boat yesterday, so they must be there. Just need to get one of them in Vicky's coconut and lime sauce (before the last lime goes rotten!).
Geoff adds;
Amazingly, we are still speaking to each other after two weeks now of confinement!  The day has it's routine, usually with me on deck watching the sun rise, R gets up with the first cup of tea and then we launch or big lure, the swivle for the towed generator.  With some amps on line, we can start the watermaker and fill the solar shower.  Now quite soon after breakfast, we have to send our noon position and then it's time to bake some bread for lunch.  The afternoon is very gentle, we both have some heavy reading, then it's shower time before too late, and then a big discussion about the evening meal.
Listening to the radio net is still entertaining, but almost every other day there is someone with a problem, so we are very grateful that Fleck is well -founded and we continue to sail somewhat cautiously, or at least, well within our capabilities.  Seems to be working.
So, sme decent winds please ladies - 20knots from ENE would be welome.  See what you can do.