Ding a ling, Ryanair on time yet again.

Tue 1 Jul 2014 13:03
Tuesday, 1st July, 2014
Porto das Lajes, Flores, Acores? Azzorre? Azores?
39:22.783N 31:10.208W
Yesterday I made allusions to the luxury of airtravel, but I forgot Ryanair! Anyway after a great meal out, and a moderately restful night, I am again reflecting that the satisfaction of an arrival from the sea: whether by yacht or even a big cruise ship, always contrasts very favourably with the assualt on all the senses that await the weary stiff limbed traveller as the cabin doors of an aeroplane open into a foreign airport (even when you don't have to put up with the lilting smug Irish voiceover announcing that despite all the indignations you have suffered, at least you are not behind the target arrival time that the Airline have presumably so generouusly set for themselves).
And so it came to pass that I crashed over the tide rip and associated seas off the SW tip of Flores in the early afternoon yesterday, and found that the key anchoring spot (room for only one, in a shallow sandy bay, just outside the Marina entrance) was vacant. Hook down and ashore in the dinghy, and relief in discovering that the young (they all seem young these days) harbourmaster had mastered perfect English as a result of world wide video gaming from his childhood bedroom just up the coast. Very gentle process of checking in, and I can use the Marina dock to land my dinghy, and the tap to replenish my water, and If I can stand it (it is hot but not tropical here) take a cold shower. All for free, saving the charge of 13Euros a day to secure to a pontoon. Lajes and it seems the whole Island very pretty. A lot of new roads, and indeed all the mrinas, are courtesy of the EU, just like Ireland. No wonder that man with the perpetually half filled beer glass wants us out! Excellent, and by Bermudan standards affordable, restaurant yesterday evening, albeit a three Km, but pleasant hike uphill.
Must close, need to catch the dailky bus up to Santa Cruz, the Capital(!), this afternoon.
No more regular blogs for a while, unless I'm particularly inspired/distressed!