5th December

Tue 5 Dec 2006 13:49
More rollercoaster stuff these last 24 hours, but no gain without pain, and we continue to make good progress. Our Atlantic map now shows that we have a definite chunk of the journey behind us, and this is encouraging.
High spot of yesterday afternoon, literally, were the antics of some dolphins that came to visit. Acrobatics and belly flops, and sometimes they just shot vertically out of the water for considarable distances.
Wonder if you know what has become of the boat that got into trouble the night before last. Did they have to abandon 'Compromise', did they get everyone off? We may find out ourselves when we report in in a few mins time. we were thinking that he was probably last in the fleet, and that now we are!!
I spent yesterday afternoon in the bilges rebuilding part of the watermaker: one device that is likely to prove more trouble than it is worth!! At least it produced our standard 10 litres this morning, and this has just been added to our main tank to keep it topped up. Water for drinking has not been a problem, what I underestimated was the amount we use to wash our selves, our food, kitchen ware, and clothes.We have developed frugal ways of doing all these tasks, and in our opinion we both smell very nice indeed. Even so a bath, a dishwasher and a washing machine are high on our list of fantasy items, having rather given up on the clutch of mermaids: I think they would be rather slimey and smelly like the flying fish! Ice cream would also do it for me, Geoff, humble chap, would be content with pork scratchings, no doubt with a pint of Enville bitter to wash them down.
We wonder whether to put more sail up, but better to be in control, I think, especially during the night. We will just have to live with being last!!
Richard and Geoff