Mon 13 May 2013 12:48
Monday 13th May, 2013
Position  8:36.7S 26:12.7W
Rattling along now in a fresher breeze, which came in after several squalls yesterday evening: enough rain to wet the boat, but not to wash it, and so still a bit of Southy African grime around. Also I've just picked up some company on the 'Sea me', the first bleep out of this device for several days. And then there is the fresh bread, cooking right now in the oven and smelling quite delicious! So all in all not so bad that I havn't quite mastered the bass section in 'Yesterday', but I'm getting there. Also two good new books on the go; Niall Ferguson's popular history, 'Empire', and Orhan Pamuks 'My Name is Red'. If you like it's Great Britain versus the Ottomans! No contest actually, Pamuk is just the greatest story teller. Well over half way to Brazil now, lets hope that this wind holds up, and that the air doesn't pick up too much moisture: it should be saving it for the rain forrests, not dropping it back on the ocean and my open hatches!