Daily log

Tue 28 Nov 2006 13:13
Tuesday, noon, 28-11-06
Two days gone!! Gradually finding our sea legs and settling down, but as is usual we are a bit behind on sleep at this stage. It is usual not to sleep well off watch until you get really tired, there is so much noise and comotion to start with.
Good trade winds breezes, northeasterly up here, set in yesterday evening and we are now making good progress. We expect to head south west for a few days before the winds shift more to the east, when we turn west. After a cool night it is hot again now in the midday sun, tomorrow perhaps we will get the bimini (sunshade) up, but today we are arranging our downwind sailing rig of twin headsails.
We have to report our position to WCC each lunchtime, so this is the next task, then try to cook the bread without burning it (third time lucky!). Tried fishing yesterday afternoon, but lost half my line in a tangle. I think perhaps that it is a good thing that Geoff doesn't much care for fish!!
In addition to burned bread we have sucessfully cooked spaghetti and rice: there is really no end to our talent!! In a partucularly violent roll I also spilled a cup of coffee into the cutlery drawer. Out here no one can hear you swear, and Geoff is sworn to secrecy.
More gripping stuff tomorrow,
Richard and Geoff
PS can Carol let Adrian Savage know the address of our 'website', and could he very kindly pass this on to anyone at the Hospital who might be interrested in checking our progress: eg Perks, Digger and the Gang, and on Richards side Deb and Paul Brennan.