Sailing in the Goldilocks zone: not!

Tue 29 May 2012 08:29
Date 29th May, Tuesday
Position 17:52.75S 82:11.5E
One week out from Cocos Keeling, and maybe 9 days only to Rodrigues: it is all down to the weather, and plenty of that today. 30kts wind just aft of the beam giving a rvery ocky and wet ride. The leeward dodger, with freshly stitched name, just blown out by a green one into the cockpit. Repair possible, but not today! Typing in the bunk, as water spilling over the chart table too. Stugeron working well, but with the noise and motion difficult to do anything much. Saucepans all jumped off the stove in the middle of the night, so havn't bothered with them today. Could be those cold baked beans for supper!