High Pressure

Sat 26 Jul 2014 12:38
Saturday 26th July 2014
Position 41:49.3N 23:56.7W
.....may be what we try to escape from when we decide to go sailing, but it is very welcome when it shows up on the barometer. Overnight the needle has crept back up, suggesting that we have sucessfully outrun the depression that has been chasing us these last couple of days. Now we seem to be in it's outer part, with clear skies, wonderful sunshine warming our hearts and charging the batteries, and a calmer sea. The wind is down to a comfortable 16 knots, and we are beating into it, and just laying our course towards the Lizard Peninsula, UK. It is almost a shame to have to request a new forecast, as we would settle for this one, for the next 10 days, especially after the discomforts of the last 48 hours. But, it is best to be prepared, and it is going to be a changeable picture , for sure.
We are both drugged from out Stugeron anti sea sick pills, dozing through the day, and not sleeping at night, but at least we are both feeling better, and Hannah in particular looks fully restored. Only downside is that the cockpit is not very inviting, as seas break over the windward side of the boat and send spray over the spray hood, to land in dollops on our heads. That wouldn't bother real sailors, of course, who would be up on the rail in their foulies. I have never professed to be a real sailor, and Hannah, despite her winter adventures in her laser dinghy, also prefers the dry cosy cabin life.
Best wishes to all, R and H