Safe arrival in Ahe

Sun 1 Jun 2008 03:02
As I have the computer on this is just to let folk know that we arrived safe and sound on our first coral Island at 4-30 local time this afternoon. I apologise for not exerting more editorial control over a certain Disgruntled of Tunbridge Wells on yesterdays blog: no sooner had this been wired off than the wind gradually got up and we were able to switch the engine off. We have had a fabulous run/reach under all our sails (ie three!) over the last 24 hours, and made it through the pass into the lagoon here just thirty minutes later than planned, after 500 miles. Back in the good old days I could easily slip 30 minutes between leaving my office and arriving in theatre!!! Anyway it would seem that the French do not after all control the weather hereabouts, and we send heartfelt apologies to them!! They have also bouyed the channel through the lagoon with remarkably good bouys: perhaps seconded from the Brittany coast?
Wondering whether to risk a shark attack by swimming, will write again soon, so long as they go for my legs rather than my arms. sandfly bites still itch like mad!
D and V (!!) (Family: that's hospital speak for diarrhoea and vomiting)