In case there's a change in the weather

Fri 23 May 2014 18:50
Friday 23rd May 2014
Position 22:48.5N 62:04.2W
I'm checking my gribs just now, as there seems to be a change in the weather on the way, easterlies much lighter now, and it has clouded over. The song is Rogers and Hammerstein: the surrey with the fringe on top, one for JT perhaps. Not too much to report: good progress up till now, so generally obeying the local weather rules. A ship came by this morning, waking up my AIS machine, so good to know that it is working! Other than that zilch. So reading quite a bit, have come accross Micheal Frean, A Landing on the Sun: wonderful stuff, never heard of this guy, so another pleasant surprise. Nice to get some birthday news, the Jamaica gang obviously no strangers to the local rum either, and Vicky off again tomorrow: good luck. And thanks Hannah for your little email, at least one good exam result!