Bit by bit.

Mon 19 Nov 2012 10:03
Monday, November 19th 12.30
Position 29:33S 38:41E
We are getting there, but it is not yet an end of term feeling, as it is the last few hundred miles that present the most challenge. Anyway little to report since noon yesterday. The forcast winds, less rather than more, and not quite from the right direction, have never the less been pushing us along at a reasonable speed, though with much banging of the mainsail during the night, which has now been stowed away as a punishment. A lot of traffic on the Seeme keeps us wary at all times, conflicting with the need for sleep! A large tanker sneaked up on me this morning to about three miles off, when we had the audible warning turned off, and I was up and about. I think that he had seen us, and they do have an obligation to keep clear of sail, so fingers crossed.
Very frustrated to find water once again leaking through the decks of this nice boat. My previous sticking plaster repair looks sound, so there maybe another/new hole somewhere, though the water appears in axactly the same places down below. I find these relatively trivial setbacks difficult to cope with: we need a safe dry place for the computers, electrics, books, charts etc. Seawater ruins everything, and the next frontal system due in 48 hrs time is again going to have green ones over the gunwales, and surely water finding its way below again.
So some welcome good news: according to Geoff's sextant readings, the four GPS units on this boat are only 28 miles out of true! And he only took about an hour to work this out: what a navigator, he deserves the wonderful loaf that I have baked for his lunch!
I found a squid on deck on my morning ward round, like Tracy Emin, I didn't know they could jump so high (in joke for Conny).
We will report in as regularly as the computer allows, in good weather the system, thanks to Geoff's ITU care, is working very well.
Appropriate greetings and wishes to all/both/any readers out there
Richard and Geoff.