Steady as she goes.

Fri 3 May 2013 13:07
Friday May 3rd 2013
Position; 9:53.5S 12:07. 175 miles from Ascension Island.
Another satisfactory day's run of nearly 120 unstressful miles. And another day of cloudless skies, and so 'I do appreciate' (see below) my bimini, it had been little used since leaving Cocos Keeling. Although lighter winds are due, I may be in on Sunday, and although my entry permit no longer has valid dates I am optimistic that I shall be allowed to stay for a little while: always assuming that there is someone around on a Sunday to make a decision!
Stayed up late last night to finish off, literally and metaphoricaly, the characters in 'A Place of Greater Safety'. Had not realsied that this was H M's first novel, which had remained unpublished until subsequent stories had bought some fame. Given that the Cromwell books must be 10/10, I give this one 8. I have started another of AC Grayling's essay collections, suddenly feels a tad like milk and honey liberalism: I can't see that your average citizen in revolutionary Paris could have made much use of its little pearls of wisdom, with no bread in the shops, and blood running in the streets.
Enjoying my 'Beatles' tunes: quite nostalgic. Do you remember whose hand you wanted to hold? I do, but I'm certainly not telling here, this blog seems to be far too widely read! It might get back to the Committee of Public Safety (sorry, Paris again!).
Smash potato, an egg and a tin of achovies for supper last night, and my new fishing reel still not used in anger: The urge to fish comes upon me from time to time, and usually only after a couple of weeks at sea: so maybe on the next leg? Still have a little 'no longer very fresh' St Helena bread in the fridge to eat up, so probably no need to bake on board either, until the longer next leg.
Best regards to all