Slow down, weather ahead!

Sun 27 May 2012 09:50
Sunday, 27th May 2012
Position 16:20.6S 85:33.9E
Up to this point really excellent progress, however the easterly wind is now fading, and late tomorrow will be replaced by a strong SSE. This will blow us back northwards, so I am staying as far south of my 'lay line' as I can at present. The thought of several days of bad weather is depressing: first the calms with the boat rocking and banging about, then strong beam winds, with the boat leaking through the chain plates and rocking about! Well, on the bright side, I've got plenty of Stugeron! Other than that little to report, no ships for a couple of days now, and not much sea life in evidence, apart from the usual flying fish on deck each morning. Spent some time today building a water collection device around my biggest leak: the aim is to get it to run into a bed bottle, rather than go all over the sheets of my bunk! Should stand me in good stead for the future. Sebag Montefiore's History of Jerusalem has given me a bit of a headache, so recovering today with Patricia Cornwell: no head activity, no headache! Have also been reading up about Rodrigues and Mauritius: a sort of encouragement: and indeed there is the promise of French pastry, perhaps even an almond croissant?