What a difference a day makes

Thu 31 Jul 2014 12:07
Thursday 31st July, 2014
Position 47:12.4N 16:03.6W
I'm sure I have purloined this title before, but it seems appropriate. Today we have sunshine, British summer warmth, and wind fom the north west: ideal for the UK. We did cheat a bit with the engine overnight, lifting us from a near flat calm, up a degree of latitude, to this new airstream. Only 8 knots of wind, but with all the sails set on a beam reach we are managing 4kts through the water. Good spirits also enhanced by bread making. Hannah did the weighing out and mixing, the Skipper the kneading, so if it fails, we can blame each other. This blog is going out a few minutes early, against all the ship's regulations, so that the crew can get her braces into the hot bread as soon as she has burned her forearms on the oven door extracting it!
So, most of my anxieties are in check at present, and though the water cooling system on the engine remains perplexing, I won't bore you with the latest chapter.
On the other hand, I think I have found the key passage in the 'Luminaries'. The heart of the narative. Tried this with 'Snow' previously, keen blog followers may recall.  Anyway one of the protagonists (there are about 12!) says, "If I have learned one thing from experience it is this: never underestimate how extraordinarliy difficult it is to understand a situation from another person's point of view"
Hannah again not feeling up to contributing, but claims to have emailed her Mum, a quite sufficient contribution to the traffic in cyberspace, she says! Her humour has been further improved by our home made Ludo board and dice (nuts, washers, and a hexagonally shafted pencil). One game each so far, so unfortunately I have had to agree to at least a decider for the "Ludo at 20 degrees of heel World Championships".