Tue 6 Mar 2007 15:55
Arrived in Spaanse Water lagoon at 10.30 hrs this morning. A rather flat and arid country, and feels really hot despite the 20kt wind in the anchorage. This afternoon I have to go ashore and find a bus to Town to clear in. Tomorrow explore the Haul Out Yards, etc etc. Total trip 469.2 nautical miles
Rather pleased with my pasage planning, as we sighted land at exactly daybreak, and as there was no traffic north of the ABC Islands, I had some sleep too. It would certainly have been impossible to find this entrance in the dark, in fact I would have run aground, as there is a rocky projection on the coast which does not show on my chart, and which was slap in the middle of my GPS course.
Nomore blogs/emails, look forward to seeing poeple on my return.