Nine days out.

Tue 22 Apr 2008 19:03
Date Tuesday 22 April, not sure of the time, as you move across the Pacific you have to change the clocks by about an hour for every thousand miles (later on we cross the dateline and I become a day younger!!). It certainly seems to stay light for longer in the evenings now, must read up about what to do, could never move the clocks at home the right way in Spring and Autumn.
Position 06:37S 104:15W
Good trade winds again today, although they dropped right away yesterday leaving me wallowing in a big swell, didn't get much rest last night. Anyway progress is good at this stage, and all seems shipshape. Not much wildlife out here, loads of flying fish to be cleared from the decks each morning, the odd swallow/swift or whatever, obviously miles from home, but seemingly each with a plan!
A routine has developed on board, which is important, there is a tendancy to do less rather than more tasks, as everything is so difficult. Today a wet shave and haircut, very good for morale. Short hair very easy to look after, keep salt free etc, and of course no one to see the mess. Don't wear clothes much at all now, partly because they keep blowing away when I try to dry them in the cockpit (my trendy red surfing shorts!).
Most of my fresh food has been eaten or has rotted, and I'm reduced to a cabbage, and some green apples. Home made bread, plenty of cheese in the fridge, and tins galore will keep me going! You find odd things that really tickle your taste buds, like local tree tomatoes (fruit) in Equador. But also, an American firm who make the most sublime earl grey tea, stuffed with bergamot. Finally two packets of Dutch almond cookies have not only survived two thousand miles on board from the Netherlands Antilles, but still taste (the cookies, not the packaging) wonderful.
Having a great time, I am a lucky man.