Back in skool, day one

Sat 14 Jun 2014 16:00
14th June 2014, Saturday
Position 33:14.2N 63:25.5W
So, 24 hours back into the privations of life on board, after the fleshpots of Bermuda. But I exagerate of course: plenty of sachets of my favourite capuccino here, and I sneaked a big piece of carrot cake on board yesterday, and as for fleshpots, I can think only of the waistline of the average American tourist. Sorry, America, but look at yourselves, it's true.
Just about acceptable light breeze at present, but not enough to keep the mainsail filled as we roll, so the boom crashes and bangs about, despite my sturdy preventer, and I have stowed it. Rely instead on twin headsails, lose 1.25 knots, but peaceful, and much less chafe, and chance of damage.
Only today did I realise that yesterday was the day after the twelfth, and also the day after Thursday. An inauspicious day to start to cross an Ocean. Anyway as it is now Saturday, and touching wood as I type with one finger, I'm OK so far! 
Lovely weather, by the way. Cloudless and hot, showers, a little thunder in the evenings. This won't last forever, so am checking my 'gribs' to see if I can work out what the weather will do next. 'Switzerland' can download huge data files of weather info, but neither of us can actually dial up the weather that we want!