Grinding out the miles

Thu 6 Dec 2012 10:55
Date 6 Dec, 2012, 12.30 ships time, 10.30 GMT
Position 34:59.9S 23:16.2E
We have made good but hard progress since noon yesterday, with favourable medium winds, but quite unpleasant seas. Geoff in particular has suffered a little! Today the winds, as forcast, have decreased, but it is raining, and still quite rough. I have been up on the fordeck gybing about, fixing the poles, and getting generally tangled up in my tether. We are waiting for today's forecast to see what the next three days have in store for us, and therefore what our next destination will be. Our three course meal of 36 hours ago seems a distant memory, and once again we wonder what on earth we are doing at this particular location. Not that we are alone, lots of trawlers and comercial traffic to keep us on our toes, when we are not nodding off in our bunks!
Richard and Geoff.