Goldilocks, for now!

Sun 22 Jun 2014 14:54
Sunday, 22 June 2014
Position 35:35.4N 47:28.8W
Favourable winds for three days now have pushed us forwards nicely, and it is calmer today. When the arrows on my grib charts turn red it means the waves are big, how big I don't exactly know, as I do not have the scale chart, but from the back of the diminutive Fleck, they do start to tower above you. We also had a force 7 wind, OK for downwind sailing, but I reef well down for a quiet ride. I guess that the Clipper fleet just hang on with their spinnakers with that sort of breeze. Anyway, today is perfect, ie just normal rolling, and Force 5: the Goldilocks zone. Ideal for breadmaking, but I fear the dough is too dry: there is a Goldilocks zone for bread dough as well! At least it won't come out of the oven with patches of green mould on, so it will be better than yesterday's old stuff! And the smell now of burnt bread gives me an excuse to close this piece early: Till tomorrow!