Three weeks later....

Mon 29 Apr 2013 13:06
29th April 2013
Position 15:05S 06:52W
Goodness, it's been three weeks since my last blog, but out here little has changed: flat sea, and 8kts of ESE wind wafting me along. Tiresome overnight with the sails flapping, but they just stay filled now, in the slop, so some peace!
Fleck left St Helena at midday yesterday, with her new spreader and masthead light. Barry and Margaret on JJMoon were so very kind in bringing these parts out from Namibia, and it was lovely to finally meet them, and hear of their adventures. Many of you have been subject to emails from me about St Helena already, suffice it to say in 'The Blog' that if you have to wait anywhere in the World for spare parts to reach your yacht, then this is not a bad place to choose. The Island seems stark from seawards, but it is pleasant and green within, and there are good walks. Supplies are not bad, good fruit but few vegetables, a big variety of tins, and for those of you with freezers, frozen things. Expensive for the South African contingent, but overall cheaper than UK prices. The locals are so friendly, the new moorings in the west of the bay are excellent (but still you roll) and do take the ferry the first time you go ashore, to judge whether you will risk your dinghy on the landing steps, or not! When the swell is up this is a great place for photo opportunities, if you got your camera ashore dry, that is! Robert Peters Island Tour is well worth while, all the Napoleonic site visits are free, and four sharing makes a cheap day out. It is fun to join the excitement when the Supply Ship, RMS St Helena hits the bay, and interesting to see how everything gets on and off. Downsides? Well the internet is slow and very expensive, and this is no place for gastronomes. Plenty of cold beer, but coffee is not well understood, even though they have their own Island supply. Finally visit soon, before the Airport opens in ?2016: it will change everything.
I am headed for Ascension Island but from there I am undecided. May just go straight for the Caribbean, Mainland Brazil has few plaudits from Noonsite bloggers, though it is human nature to over report and over react to bad news. Despite my new spreader all is not yet perfect with the rig, so another reason to try to get hauled out in Trinidad without to many weather encounters of the worst kind along the way. My mood remains a little melancholic. I enjoyed losing myself in my watercolours on St Helena, despite the constraints of a moving studio, and wilting flowers. But no possibility of drawing out here, so it is reading; Hilary Mantel's Place of Greater Safety. I will save 'Bring up the Bodies' for Brazil!