Half full, half empty?

Fri 4 May 2012 09:12
Friday, May 4th
Position    02:17.65 105:16.79
I'm in the Banka Strait, about half distance to Jakarta. Tired after a gentle but long night with poor visibility keeping me up and about on the lookout on the haul down from the Islands off Linga. In the Strait you can anchor by the shore which is very flat, with mangroves, and quite featureless; but I can sleep tonight and tomorrow night at the other end of the Strait, then another 36 hour trip to the Thousand Islands off Jakarta. Generally fair intermonsoon weather, but won't say more unless the weather gods are listening in. Fleck behaving herself well, and survived a collision with a very big log this morning: they are all over the place here, and lie almost submerged, like crocs! Have managed just half an hour under sail, so just as well I have spare fuel, which I shall transfer to the main tank tonight. This is a journey that I have done before, and apart from three pretty anchorages, two of which I have already enjoyed, it is a bit of a slog, and either hot, if couldy, or very hot, if sunny. Never mind, Fleck isn't going to get home unless we do this bit, so onwards and upwards, or at least not onwards and downwards!