Sunday 17th Dec 2006 The final countdown

Sun 17 Dec 2006 13:12
Noon position: 15,28N, 55,23W
24 hour distance made good: 124 n miles
Distance to go: 335 n miles
ETA 03.00UT, 20th Dec.!! Not a great time for rum punch!
Hi folks
Lighter winds than we had hoped for overnight and this morning, not really important at this juncture exept that our arrival, instead of being under the glare of international interest and publicity, and the evening sunshine, will be at the dead of night. Officially there should be someone awake to time us in and find us a parking slot, but even if there is 3am is a difficult time to get excited about anything, even if you are not dealing with a ruptured aneurysm! The crew will have a meeting about this once we have sent this around the globe, and received our weather foreasts in return.
Good news on board is that Geoff is fully recovered and making up for lost time in the food department. We are eating our way through the goodies, leaving me with cans of mixed veg to explore the Carribean in the New Year! In the fresh food store we still have one tomato, and two oranges. Last night we had our first canned fruit: peaches and a Cannarian version of vanilla instant whip. Main Course was Lentils with pork and the remains of lunchtime's pate, plus savoury rice. Not a trace of anything left on anyones plate. Still enjoying fresh bread every lunchtime. Do miss all our secretaries, no one to look to for a cup of coffee except ourselves!!! (Geoff adds; hope Christine & Anne have looked after the 'bird table'.  Carol relayed from Tim that all was still reasonably under control!) 
The onboard fridge works well and fulfills its main function of keeping the beer cool, and making the milk last for 24 hours per carton.
In three minutes we celebrate three weeks on board, it does not feel that long to me, although I have now been living on Fleck for nearly four months, and have got well used to the routines. I think Geoff has found it easier than he feared. Genuinely we have had no rows or cross words an any stage, and I never thought that we would. Even so, now begining to look forward to the end, and seeing our families.
Richard and Geoff