1st December

Fri 1 Dec 2006 12:45
22 18 N, 21 39W at noon 01/12 thus as the crow flies, after 5 days, we have covered 420 nm in a straight line, now 240 nm from coast of Africa.  Average speed 4.6 knots.
Noticed the date and wondered what we are going to do for Xmas decorations on board.  Perhaps some seaweed instead of mistletoe if we see mermaid! 
Food is working out well, had a great curry last night!
Weather today is superb, not a cloud in the sky.  We have been running along the African coast going around the Azores high pressure trying to keep in the wind.
We've not used our engine, some of the others have for up to 12 hours and are somewhat further ahead. 
Our direction now is away from the coast, on a SW course with the wind almost behind us, estimating 21 21 N and 23 30 W by noon tomorrow.
Noticebly warmer now, was wearing my waterproofs at night when we left,now just wearing shorts and t-shirt.
The boat's water thermometer gives the sea temperature of 28C, comparable to most heated swimming pools.
Thanks for all your messages,
Regards, crew and skipper