Pepys: streets of Fleck

Wed 15 May 2013 13:11
Wednesday 15th May, 2013
Position    7:53S, 30:03W
Thanks to Vicky for noticing that I have been to Africa and back recently: I must have given a coordinate as east rather than west! The map plotting software at Mailasail doesn't understand human frailty. I can correct this once I get back home. Must mention that her Christmas present, plastic cookware, is performing  remarkably, especially the bread 'tin'. It is enduringly fascinating to see the flames from the gas oven licking around the bright red plastic, and yet when the bread is cooked it shells out effortlessly, and the plastic is shiney like a new penny, and doesn't even need washing.
The good diarist can extract interest from the most banal of events or observations, but I still think Samuel Pepys would have struggled a bit out here. The trip to the foredeck and back is only 18 metres, and you tend not to meet many other folk along the way. Usually some flying fish however, hereabouts remarkably small: just two or three inches, this is good as they dry out so quickly that they hardly smell. Last night however a bigger squid came aboard: about 20cm long, on the forward coach roof. Poor thing squirted his ink everywhere, and this has required industrial strength cleaners to eradicate.
The weather changes but little, generally lighter winds in the last 24 hours. Stability is what we like: if the wind starts to increase you imagine an imminent gale, if it starts to decrease you anticipate slapping and slopping around in calm airs and persistent swell. Time and tides look all wrong at this stage for an uninterrupted daylight entry into the river at Cabedelo, but I will worry only when it is due, otherwise the weather really will change and upset my calculations.