Back across the line

Sat 30 Apr 2011 09:50
Saturday, April 30th
Recent anchorage, P Kentar 0:03.222N 104:45.659E
Just a quick report. I'm pootling along under engine as usual, but the sails are up just now and adding about half a knot to our speed. The strength of the wind, about 5kts isn't sufficient to move the boat on its own. The upside is that its quiet and peaceful, despite some swell, which suggests that there are thunderstorms about below the horizon. Last night's anchorage was almost bang on the Equator, a good spot, pretty, but rolly.Today we have made good progress, and we are already nearly a whole degree South. Sadly it doesn't feel much cooler yet. I'm at sea tonight, as there are no islands to stop at, and with no ports close by, maybe there wont be too many trawlers around. Tomorrow I should be in the Bangka Strait, that will take a day, then about two more to Jakarta, but I may need an overnight stop in the 'thousand islands' in order to arrive in the teeming metropolis during daylight. If memory serves my correctly, Jakarta is home to 8 million poeple
It gets light at 06.00, so I was off early; about 07.00 I was buzzed by an Indonesian Customs boat. Was glad I had my cruising permit, and all the other documentation.. I waved from the cockpit, and stood up, realising then that I had no clothes on. Fortunately I had fixed the spray dodgers yesterday, so they didn't get much of a view! Have spent most of the day splicing a shackle onto a new rope to hoist the mainsail, and then rigging it in place. It is bright red, very pretty, but it should be, considering the price in Singapore.