Bali International marina.

Mon 16 Aug 2010 05:41
Position   08:44.44S 115:12.8E
'Bali International Marina'
Monday, August 16
The good news: we arrived on time, in excellent weather and spirits, and by all undeserved and good fortune, bang at the top of the tide. The crossing from Lombok, 60 miles, took less than 8 hours, thanks to periods in which the tide flowed down channel at around 4.5 kts, kicking up interesting short and long seas against the southerly breeze. Nothing frightening however, as the really rough areas were visible from several miles away, and we easily avoided them. We were able to sail the last 20 miles, and motorsailed the first part to keep up to our schedule. I suspect that I will now go to my grave not knowing about the upper transit of the moon, even though there are some tricky passes around Singapore in a few weeks time for which such knowledge might conceivably provide useful information. We expected to find Benoa Harbour crowded with yachts, but two superyachts aside there were none at anchor, and no obvious room to anchor either: the harbour mostly dries, and the channels are narrow and full of moorings. We decided to try our luck at the marina, which we expected to be full, and were offered a good berth: secure and protected for our stay ashore for the next two weeks. All a follow on the the Global recession, we are told.
The less good news, the berth is extraordinarily expensive for Indonesia, and the 'facilities' not at all what we became accustomed to in Australia. The Marina is situated in the heart of an industrial dockland, and it does not feel that safe out at night. There are guards on the pontoon, and at the marina entrance. The pontoons are either concrete with sharp edges, or rotten wood with broken boards. The poeple are as charming as ever, and my first visit to the Harbourmaster, outwith the protective mantle of the Sail indonesia Organisation was quite uneventful, no bribes or 'gifts' requested.
We hope that Conny will be here tomorrow, no more blogs for a couple of weeks: everyone gets a rest!!