Fresh bread and goosewings

Fri 16 Nov 2012 09:06
Friday, November 16 12.30 Reunion time
Position 29:12.5S 44:27.8E
Three days now of quite gentle winds, such that last night we were almost drifting with the usual cacophony of slatting sails and banging boom. No wonder I was up early to stow the main and gooswing the forsails Immediately quieter, and now at midday we have reasonable wind as well.
Geoff's face hasn't completely fallen off this time, and Nurse Blunt is keeping it from the sun as best as can. Cook Blunt has been at the dough and the bread is in the oven as I write: great smell. Washerwoman Fisher has his knickers in a twist in a bucket of 'Dreft' in the cockpit, and so it's a picture of domestic bliss. If you care to look at the forecast you will see why we are getting these little things done now!
Quite an excitement last night: Within a short period of warning from our Seeme, a bulk carrier appeared in front of us, bearing almost straight down on our bows. In these situations both boats should turn to starboard. We did, he didn't move, but soon we were on his port side:ok. Then, perhaps suddenly picking us up, he turned hard to port as well, putting us back under his bows, so we turned to port, and in the event we missed by a safe margin. But it is scary, these things are big, and fast! Since then we have had two more calls on the Seeme, but no one has dared come close again!
Goeff adds that acording to a little gizzmo that he keeps hidden in his trouser pocket we are 700 miles from Durban, which is our preferred destination, we may get blown back to a place callled Richards Bay, which would be fine. One of the more 'worst case' scenarios would be to end up in Moputu, Mozambique. But hey, any port in a storm.
R and G